Elektromagnetic flow meters

Consultancy services

We provide consultancy services in flow metering technology as well as related technologies. We provide a complete solution from recommending suitable flow meter parameters and accessories through designing related pipe lines to final delivery and implementation. Consultations are agreed to take place on the phone, in writing or while visiting the installation site. Such consultations cost as indicated in LIMESA meters’ price list for services.

Service and repairs

As a manufacturing company, we provide legally required warranty as well as post-warranty servicing of products that we deliver and other related services. Beyond legal requirements, we guarantee servicing of all of our meters after their production has been discontinued, for example due to a new product line having been launched.

Furthermore, we service EESA flow meters and heat meters (MP400, MP500, MT500, MT200, …). We, of course, provide calibration of all flow meters and heat meters as well as metrological verification and certification.

Technical training

We organize technical training courses on installation procedures and on setting up our flow meters. The date of a training course may also be fixed to meet your schedule. The training courses take place in our premises but may also be held at customer’s location. Our training courses are convenient for installation engineers and for installation designers. Such a course usually takes 2 to 3 hours. Each training course participant receives a certificate of its completion. The certificate is in effect for three years.

The training course agenda is as follows:

  • Establishing the type of flow meter and its principal parameters – type of flowtube and its inner diameter, type of liner, sensing electrode material, communication interface, power supply, …
  • Installing a flow meter in a pipe line – choosing suitable location within pipework (vertical or horizontal installation, effect of ambient conditions, …). Preparing the connecting measurement sections (specifications of connecting elements, flow straighteners, reducing cones, installation of stop valves, …).
  • Electrical wiring – specifying type of power supply, method of connection and protection, …
  • Setup and operation – explanation of flow meter menu items, flow meter setup possibilities, explanation of how pulse and analogue outputs work, explanation of communication interfaces and their parameters, explanation of Visikal software, …