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Electromagnetic flow meters – FG4000

Electromagnetic flow meters - FG4000
FG 4000

The electromagnetic flow meters are primarily designed for a wide range of industrial applications. Flow is determined on the electromagnetic induction principle that allows measuring without any mechanical parts in the metering profile, which results in virtually no pressure drop.

The FG4000 flow meter is a highly reliably instrument that offers accurate flow measurement in liquids at long-term stability. Its further features is a wide flow range while maintaining measurement accuracy with fast response to flow fluctuations. An alphanumeric display and three membrane keys provide comfortable operation. Last but not least, accent is put on design user-friendliness, such as easy access to the connectors.

The flowmeter consists of two main parts, a measuring unit and a flow sensor (flow tube). The measuring unit is housed in a rigid aluminium casting that allows four positions of the flowtube in a horizontal or vertical pipe line while the correct operation position of the stainless steel front panel with display and membrane keys is always provided. The FG4000 flow meter advanced industrial design satisfies stringent requirements for mechanical as well as chemical resistance thus allowing to use the instrument under most rigorous conditions. The ingression rating of the flow meter is IP67 and resistance against electromagnetic interference in compliance with category E2 pursuant to EN ISO 4064-5 may be stressed. The measuring unit is also available as an ECONOMIC variant (without the display and keypad). This option is for applications where the flowmeter only serves as a flow and volume variable to the parent system.

The measuring unit allows you to connect a wide range of electromagnetic sensors from the most commonly used flanged, wafer, aseptic threaded, G threaded to customized design limited only by the dimensions given by the technical possibilities.
Integration of flowmeters into third-party extension systems, such as control, visualization and other systems, is enabled by standard pulse or analogue outputs. For a more sophisticated systems, the communication interface with open MeterBUS, RS485 (ModBUS, BitBUS, ASCII, simple), RS232 (ModBUS, Simple) protocols is determined.
The flowmeter can be equipped with empty pipe detection function. This additional function is recommended,when the permanent flooding of the sensor can not be met.

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Principal Features:

  • wafer, flanged, aseptic threaded, G threaded, clamp flowtubes (sensors)
  • compact or separate design
  • applicability in chemical, food, beverage industries as well as in potable water treatment
  • user customizable view of measurement values on display
  • operation setup (flow conversion coefficient, type of communication and its transmission rate, measuring dynamics, etc.) using membrane keys or application software
  • flowtube replaceability (each flowtube has its own calibration constants)
  • accessories – installation set (iron, stainless steel or made to customer specifications)
  • Visikal application software
  • bidirectional flow measurement (separate counter for each direction)
  • self-diagnostics – instrument status indicated on display
  • ressetable flow meter, up to 5 volumetric monitoring user resettable totalizers (counters)
  • monitoring of maximum flow reached within a time interval
  • option to connect up to two external devices (flow meters) to pulse inputs and to display their flow rate and volume information
  • easy integration into other manufacturers’ host systems using pulse frequency modulation or analogue outputs
  • optional temperature measurement module
  • archiving of date time stamped measurement data for up to one year in non-volatile memory
  • uptime records
  • power failure and error condition records

FG4000 electromagnetic flowmeter specifications:

Display:YES (2x16 chars)NO
Measuring range:1 :40 ( ±0,5% for MPE standard); 1:500 (Q0=0,2% Qmax)
Accuracy:± 0.5 % (± 0.003 m/s) in range from Qmin do Qmax
Minimum liquid conductivity:>5ųS/cm – common liquids; ≥20ųS/cm – demineralized water
Power supply:230 VAC (+10;−15%) 50–60Hz; optionally 120VAC, 24VAC, 24VDC
Power demand:10 VA
IEC 536 protection class:I
Ingress protection rating:IP67
Meter finish:powder paint (RAL 8023)
Ambient temperature rangé:0–70°C; recommended 15–55°C
Pulse output 1:in range 0.0001–1600 p/dm3 (maximum value depends on flowtube inner diameter)
Pulse output 2:state – signalization of the negative flow; pulse – negative volume (bidirectional flow)
Pulse inputs:2× range (0.0001–1000 p/dm3) to display flow and/or volume measured by external
Empty pipeline indication:yes (optional)
Communication modules:RS485, RS422, RS232, M-Bus, ... (optional)
Communication protocols:SIMPLE, ModBUS, BitBUS, ASCII , MBUS
Analogue outputs:4-20 mA, 0-10 V (optional)
Archive:hourly, daily, monthly, errors,.. (optional)

Supplied flowtubes:

Flowtube nominal inner diameter:DN10 through DN600
Flowtube design:flange, wafer, DIN 11851 threading, DIN 32676 clamp, G threading,...
Flowtube connection:compact; separate – 4m cabling (optionally up to 40m)
Flowtube liner:hard or soft rubber; PTFE; ECTFE
Electrodes:316L grade (1.4571) stainless steel; Hastelloy C; platinum; tantalum; titanium
Nominal pressure:DIN, EN1092 - PN10, PN16, PN25, PN40; ANSI - 150lb, 300lb
Temperature of the measured liquid:0-150 °C (PTFE); 0-90 °C (rubber)
Flowtube finish:powder or epoxy paint (RAL 7043); brushed stainless steel
Ingress protection rating:IP67 (IP68 optionally)

Dimensions of flow meter:

(For dimensions of flow tubes see the current model of flow sensor)

Compact design:

Split design:

Table of included inner diameters:

FG 4000Flanged flowtubes „F“
Wafer flowtubes „W“
Wafer flowtubes – stainless steel „W-ss“
Q0 (m3/h)0,010,020,030,040,070,110,170,290,430,681,061,532,74,26,18,310,913,717,024,4
Q1 (m3/h)0,080,190,340,530,871,362,123,585,438,4813,219,134,053,076,0104136172212305
Q3 (m3/h)3,397,6313,621,234,754,384,8143217339530763136021203050416054316867848012200


DN– Flowtube nominal inner diameter
Q0– Starting flow
Q1– Minimal flow
Q3– Maximal flow
k– Maximal constant of flow conversion