Elektromagnetic flow meters

Electromagnetic flow meters with wafer flow sensor

Wafer flow sensor

The wafer flow sensor is designed to be installed between two flanges held together by threaded rods. These are produced in inner diameters from DN10 to DN150. The biggest advantage of this design is its shorter built-in lenghts. Excpet this, the price of the wafer sensors is the most competetive. The dimensions of the wafer sensors are the same (fully compatible) as the old EESA wafer flow sensors had (MP400, MP400 C/M, MT500, MT200,…).

These flowtubes are only made with Teflon liner. As every our flow sensors, the sensing electrode material can be 316L stainless steel, Hastelloy C, titanium, tantalum,… The maximum allowable pressure of these sensors is PN25. The housing of these sensors is finished by a powder coating or brushed stainless steel (needs to be specified by an order). The stainless steel design is recommended in an environment with a permanent humidity like in the breveries, dairies and similar industry. These flow meters are convenient to measure acid or alkaline solutions as well as various kinds of chemicals (lyes, acids, ammonia, hydrogen chloride, cleaning agents, …).

The flowtube contact faces have spigots that align with recesses in the connecting flanges. This arrangement ensures precise flowtube centering within the pipe thus eliminating any potential metering errors from flowtube improper installation. It is therefore useful to order the flow meters with our original installation sets that contain flanges with appropriate recesses. These flanges are also fitted with connecting terminals for earthing conductors. Installation sets may also be custom specified with respect to installation length and type of connection (DIN 11851 aseptic thread for food industry, DIN 32676 clamp connection, etc.)
Earthing rings are also available on request. This guarantees flawless flow meter operation at all times even for installations in electrical non-conductive materials (plastic, concrete,… pipeline). All materials to be in contact with the medium under measurement are certified for permanent contact with drinking water (edibles) and hot utility water.
Our flow meters are thus suitable for all kinds of food processing applications to measure flow of drinking water, wine and related products, milk, whey, beer, fruit juices and other food consumables. Besides other, they resist cleaning lyes or acids that are used in such applications on a daily basis. They furthermore meet specific requirement in most chemical facilities.

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FG4000 flow meter specifications:

Display:YES (2x16 chars)NO
Measuring range:1 :40 ( ±0,5% for MPE standard); 1:500 (Q0=0,2% Qmax)
Accuracy:± 0.5 % (± 0.003 m/s) in range from Qmin do Qmax
Minimum liquid conductivity:>5ųS/cm – common liquids; ≥20ųS/cm – demineralized water
Power supply:230 VAC (+10;−15%) 50–60Hz; optionally 120VAC, 24VAC, 24VDC
Power demand:10 VA
IEC 536 protection class:I
Ingress protection rating:IP67
Meter finish:powder paint (RAL 8023)
Ambient temperature rangé:0–70°C; recommended 15–55°C
Pulse output 1:in range 0.0001–1600 p/dm3 (maximum value depends on flowtube inner diameter)
Pulse output 2:state – signalization of the negative flow; pulse – negative volume (bidirectional flow)
Pulse inputs:2× range (0.0001–1000 p/dm3) to display flow and/or volume measured by external
Empty pipeline indication:yes (optional)
Communication modules:RS485, RS422, RS232, M-Bus, ... (optional)
Communication protocols:SIMPLE, ModBUS, BitBUS, ASCII , MBUS
Analogue outputs:4-20 mA, 0-10 V (optional)
Archive:hourly, daily, monthly, errors,.. (optional)

Wafer sensor – specification:

Flowtube nominal inner diameter:DN10 – DN150 (W-type)
DN10 - DN100 (Wss-type)
Flowtube liner:PTFE – teflon
Electrodes:316L grade (1.4571) stainless steel; Hastelloy C; platinum; tantalum; titanium
Nominal pressure:PN25
Flowtube design:compact; split – 4m cabling (optionally up to 40m)
Flowtube finish:powder paint RAL 7043 (W-type)
brushed stainless steel (Wss-type)
Temperature of the measured liquid0 - 150°C
Ingress protection rating:IP67

Wafer sensor – table of diameters:

FG 4000Wafer flowtubes „W“
Wafer flowtubes „Wss“
Q0 (m3/h)0,010,020,030,040,070,110,170,290,430,681,061,53
Q1 (m3/h)0,080,190,340,530,871,362,123,585,438,4813,219,1
Q3 (m3/h)3,397,6313,621,234,754,384,8143217339530763


DN– Flowtube nominal inner diameter
Q0– Starting flow
Q1– Minimal flow
Q3– Maximal flow
k– Maximal constant of flow conversion

Wafer sensor – diameters and weight:

DNPNA∅B∅CDEFBolts (Svorníky)m [kg]
1025100 (66)751052507575M12x1704x4,5
1525100 (66)751052507575M12x1704x5
2025100 (66)75105300100100M12x1704x5
5025110 (108)125160510250150M16x1754x7,5
8025160 (163)160195800400240M16x1958x10,5
10025160 (162)190230960500300M20x2458x12,5


DN – Inner diameter of the sensor
PN – Maximum allowable pressure
A – length of the sensor
∅B – Diameter of a pitch circle of a flange’s installation holes
∅C – Outside diameter of the installation flange
D – Whole length of the flow sensor with installation set
E, F – Lengths of a calming pipes
Bolts – Dimensions and number of fixing bolts
m – Sensor weight