FG4200 - prototype of measure unit

Transducer-flowmeter-FG4200-coming-soonFG4200 – New prototype of the measure unit (coming soon)

We finished with the project of a development of a prototype of new electronic unit for our electromagnetic flow meters. This project has been cooperated with the Liberec county and Technical University in Liberec. This prototype is a combination of proven principle of input analogue circuits and new modern and powerful digital core. The electronics is prepared for implementing of the new communication interfaces like a IoT, Bluetooth, Modbus over ethernet, Wi-fi,…
The measure unit will have a new graphic display, its own internal web page for setting of the flow meter (No external software will be needed anymore).

Expected date of finishing is at 1st quarter of the year 2021. If you have any questions or comments like a: what are you missing, what to improve or implement, then we will be glad if you will send it to our email address info@limesa.cz.


This project has been realized with a support of the Liberec county and Technical University in Liberec.

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