PTFE liner design and manufacture

Manufacture of Meter Installation Accessories

We make installation kits and accessories for correct installation of flow meters in all types of pipework.

  • standard carbon steel installation kits
  • standard stainless steel installation kits
  • custom installation kits made to technical documentation supplied
  • grounding rings for installation in plastic pipes
  • other separate components for flow meter installation

Standard Installation Kits

Appropriate contact flanges, flow smoothing sections of appropriate diameter and length, mounting studs for sandwich sensors or bolts for flanged sensors. Further, nuts, washers, gaskets, grounding wires, and other auxiliary installation materials.

Special Installation Kits

Manufacture to technical documentation supplied and customer’s specific requirements. We offer various connecting components such as clamps in accordance with DIN 32676, food industry couplings in accordance with DIN 11 851, inner or outer G-threaded pipes, flanges in accordance with various standards (DIN, EN, CSN, ASA, JIS…), components with rough sealing rails or surface, with female flanges, etc. A siphon for permanent flow meter flooding, various members such as valves, welded adaptors for thermometer, pressure gauges, different pipe junctions, elbows, reductions and other elements required, may be included in a special installation kit. The kits can be of ferromagnetic steel (S235JR, S355J2…), stainless steel (SS 304) or chemical resistant steel (SS 316L).

Grounding Rings

Suitable for flow meter installation in plastic pipes. The rings are available in diameters from DN10 to DN600. We make them of SS 316L chemically resistant steel 3mm sheets by laser cutting. The rings feature openings matching those in contact flanges to secure their centring. The grounding wire is attached using a threaded opening for an M6 bolt in the ring. Custom grounding rings can be made as agreed.

Other Components for Flow Meter Installation

Auxiliary production of different non-standard components such as mounting studs of various diameters and lengths, special zinc coated or stainless steel bolts, flat flanges and neck flanges to weld with sealing rail or flanges with ring recess, with threads for grounding wires, flow smoothing pipe section of custom lengths, etc.