PTFE liner design and manufacture

Manufacture of Electromagnetic Sensor Bodies

We manufacture bodies for electromagnetic flow sensors of all types using technical documentation supplied. We make bodies of specified diameters in the range from DN10 to DN300 meeting pressure requirements from PN6 to PN40 or 150lb and 300lb.

  • sandwich bodies
  • flanged bodies using all types of flanges available
  • bodies with DIN 11 851 fitting for food industry applications
  • bodies with tapered pipe threading in accordance with EN ISO 228-1
  • special bodies made using technical documentation supplied (different installation lengths, etc.)

Our Manufacturing Technology:

  • TIG, MIG or electrode welding
  • conventional machining – cutting, lathe turning, drilling, threading, etc.
  • plasma cutting, laser cutting, die cutting, press bending, roll bending of sheet metals, etc.
  • electrogalvanization, zinc dipping, painting, powder coating