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Manufacture of PTFE Liners

We currently manufacture flanged as well as solid-sleeve liners for flow sensor bodies and other pipe elements in diameters from DN8 to DN350. Our annual production capacity is more than 3,000 units. Our storage capacity for PTFE components is about 850 to 1,200kg.

We started making PTFE liners as early as in 2006, as LIMA-tool then, long before LIMESA meters was started. We have since then perfectly mastered and optimized the technology of PTFE lining to be able to deliver liners of the highest quality at reasonable prices. We have also selected out PTFE components that have mechanical and chemical properties to fully meet requirements for electromagnetic flow meters used in nearly every industry (chemical, food processing, farming…). We have up to date manufactured tens of thousands of PTFE liners of all types. Used PTFE material has a WRAS BS6920-1:2000 and/or 2014 approval and complies the requirements of the ES 1935/2004 European standard.

In our production portfolio there are PTFE liners from DN8 to DN350 for:

  • sandwich bodies
  • flanged bodies using all types of flanges available
  • bodies with DIN 11 851 fitting for food industry applications
  • bodies with tapered pipe threading in accordance with EN ISO 228-1
  • special bodies made using technical documentation supplied (different installation lengths, etc.)